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don't know

Wish I knew.

Toying with the argument they give me that to vote for anyone but McCain is essentially a vote for Obama. They use that to try to scare people into voting McCain.

Heard one guy refer to it as "Political Biggotry" but I can't seem to completely follow the thought. Best one I've been trying to find a way to express is a form of "Political Terrorism", or one of those legal terms for what the mafia does to local store owners, like a political extortion or something.

You've got to know their issues and show them their own hypocracy. It's tough, but they've got to figure out they're being hypocrites Themselves. They've got to come to that conclusion themselves. Work through all the lies.

I wish there was just a soundbite way to do this conversion though. Obama people are proving just as bad, they're all McCain this McCain that and *swoon Obama*.

The two evil thing I tend to use poison as an illustration. Hey! This poison tases like Root Beer instead of Fish! I'll drink that! Well... I generally use ice cream flavors but same diff. Then I say I want steak.

Or the McDonalds vs. Burger King example, going on and on how one has sesame seeds and one is flame broiled etc... they're both burgers. Give me a Steak. (I just like steak... and I'm hungry...)

Or compromise. 1 Gal of fresh clear water. 1 drop of food coloring compromise, 1 drop of poison compromise ruins the Whole Gal. There are some things Can't compromise, and picking a "Lesser Evil" is one of those things.

I just don't know.