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And If That Is Not Enough

Give her this -

Remember -

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Voting your conscience for someone you believe in feels good -

It does do more than just help elect one of the two "major" party candidates - If a third party gets more than 5% of the vote in a state , they get automatic ballot access in 2012 - this year the 3rd parties spent months of time and most of their money just getting on the ballot - im hoping all of them break the 5% mark this time around and they really shake things up in 4 years.

Also, It injects new ideas or a return to the roots of a party, when a 3rd party does well - When Bush the elder lost to Clinton, it was because he had gone against his word on taxes, and on gun control, losing the support of economic conservates and gun owners to Perot - You had the GOP attempt to return to its roots (for a short while) with the "Contract to America" and a democratic president Clinton saying "The era of big government is over"

Even though Perot lost - his ideas won. Most people just seem to have forgotten them today, and the parties need another reminder.

Obama may be another Jimmy Carter, but it won't be the end of America if he wins, and in the meantime, we will be praying for a Ron Paul version of Ronald Reagan to take his place in four years as our party becomes steeled in its paleo-conservative traditions following the defeat of neo-conservative ideals.

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