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Comment: Craigslist and Garage Sales: Use them to save money!

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Craigslist and Garage Sales: Use them to save money!

Just a suggestion: To save money, my oldest child needed clothes because he was a 3T and now needs 4Ts. Went on craigslist with my specific needs and found people who needed to sell things because they need the money. I got a tall kitchen garbage bag FULL of NICE 4T-5T clothes for $20 plus 2 pair of shoes for my son. The retail value I'm sure would have been about $200. If you need clothes, household items, tools, furniture, electronics use Craigslist for your city and find GARAGE SALES posted on Craigslist so you know where they are and what they are selling. If they are in nice areas, usually the items are well taken care of. Not all garage sales should take place because some people do sell JUNK, but not all. Select your areas carefully. Sometimes on Craigslist, they show pictures of the items too. Don't waste your money going to the mall or where ever. Not to mention, No Tax. There is nothing wrong with second hand clothes, toys, furniture, etc..A valuable lesson that I'm trying to teach my kids and one I learned for myself real fast.
Also some people are willing to barter, so cash exchange, but all needs are met. Or barter your services and talents for the goods you need.

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