Comment: Sorry to hear of your situation.

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Sorry to hear of your situation.

But as a small businessman I haven't worked in my industry since November 2007 and for me there is no unemployment. I've had to take a 60% pay cut just to find work. My reality started 1 1/2 years after 911 when the house market stared its downward trend. The sad truth of the matter is that it is worse than I think. In 1999 I took a big pay cut in order to movie to a beautiful part of Michigan. At that time for my hourly wage of $12.50 an hour I was able to buy Junk Silver at $4.20 frns for 1 face dollar. Basically meaning that I was getting 3 silver dollars an hour. As my business grew for 4 years I was up to $25 frns an hour. As of November 2007 I was receiving $1.75 in silver face value for my $25 frns an hour. If I had been working in my industry in March when it spiked over $20.75 frns I would have received $1.20 in silver face value for my $25 frns an hour. From $3.00 silver in face value to $1.20 silver in face value.

Now in 1959 Gasoline was selling for $0.20 a gallon, two silver dimes. If you track the price of those two silver dimes with the prices of gasoline you'll see that two silver dimes have been able to buy 1 gallon of gasoline since 1959 to present, plus or minus 1 or 2 cents in silver, face value. Basically $0.18 to $0.22 in silver. Following the lead and lag of the market.

Thus the Great fraud of the Federal Reserve Banking system and its Federal Reserve Notes (frns).

You're all bankrupt corporate trusts under the S.S.N. and because the bankrupt government created corporations they, the banksters(receivers) have the RIGHT to control you. Go back to your private Christian names or natural names, if you will, and live in the REPUBLIC.


Live Free or Die, because if you're not FREE you're dead already!


Resistance is not futile, what's futile is non-resistance.

Live Free or Die! Because if you are not free you’re dead already!