Comment: Here are links that have explanations to your claims.

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Here are links that have explanations to your claims.

"10 seconds of free-fall"
South Tower 15.28 seconds
North Tower 22.02 seconds

"Steel melts at temperatures above 1532 C (2790 F). It is a fact
that fuel-air fires only burn between 233-300 C (metal cannot get
hotter than the temperature of its heat source, fire, and steel
can distribute heat to neighbouring steel structures. Heat and
temperature "flows" from hotter to colder bodies, so the steel
could never get hotter than 250 C in reality, in still air fire."

"Convert all the solid concrete floor slabs into nothing but
fine powder dust, with no pancaking floors left sitting on top of
each other?"

***"There was a 3 to 4 inch layer of concrete on the average floor. There were reinforced concrete floors in the core as well. Contrary to what some conspiracy theorists say, the core walls were NOT concrete reinforced. The columns in the core were also not incased in concrete. This was an error made by the BBC which grew a life of its own. Here is the article. Note the date it was created, Sept. 13, 2001, just 2 das after the collapse."

***Concrete removal
"Since the end of WWII builders designed most of the concrete from the modern high-rise constriction. First concrete they eliminated was the stone exterior wall. They replace them with the “curtain walls of glass, sheet steel, or plastics. This curtain wall acted as a lightweight skin to enclose the structure from the outside elements. Next the 8-inch thick concrete floors went. They were replaced with a combination of 2 or 3 inches of concrete on top of thin corrugated steel sheets. Next the masonry enclosure for stairs and elevators were replaced with several layers of sheet rock. Then the masonry smoke proof tower was eliminated in the 1968 building code. It contained too much concrete weight and took up valuable floor space. Then the solid steel beam was replace by the steel truss. And finally the concrete and brick encasement of steel columns girders and floor supports was eliminated. A lightweight spray-on coating of asbestos or mineral fiber was sprayed over the steel. This coating provided fireproofing. After asbestos was discovered hazardous vermiculite or volcanic rock ash substance was used as a spray-on coating for steel. Outside of the foundation walls and a thin 2 or 3 inches of floors surface, concrete has almost been eliminated from high-rise office building construction. If you look at the WTC rubble at ground zero you see very little concrete and lots of twisted steel."

"Create giant pools of molten metal, which stayed red to yellow
hot (600 C to 1100 C) for up to 6-weeks after 9/11, despite most
of the jet fuel being consumed in the fireball explosions when
the planes impacted the buildings?
More molten metal videos seen from several different cameras:"
(bottom half of page)

I will skip over a few of your paragraphs, Oruval, since the links and videos I provided address your statements.

"Name ONE steel-frame building that
caught on fire and collapsed all the way
down to the ground levels!... Out of the
dozens of skyscraper fires in the last
destroyed, due to fire and gravity alone."
"Just name ONE steel building that has
collapsed due to fire before or after 9/11
and you have your precedent that the
official explanation of fire melting steel,
and pulverising concrete, is possible..."

"Then you have an example to prove that
WTC 7, a building that was not hit by
any plane, could collapse completely
about 7 hours after the Twin Towers fell."

"Try to get powderised concrete just by
burning it with jet fuel fire! Go on!"
Who claimed that the concrete was powderised(sic) by burning it with jet fuel fire?? The answer: NO ONE.

This one is just for you Oruval. It addresses the claim, the one you assert constantly on DP, that the portions of the Twin Towers above the impact zones should have toppled over.