Comment: Fake Blimp Pledges

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Fake Blimp Pledges

I have to agree with the other person here who warned of false pledges for the blimp. If you look at the pledges most of them make sense, the most pledges for the smallest amount and then with increasing amounts, fewer pledges. Until you get to the 5,000 pledge, then it jumps. That defies logic. I would estimate the number of legitimate 5,000 pledges to be between 2 and 10.

I also agree with the poster who made a point about 25 dollar donations to Pauls campaign. The more a person can give the better, but I personally believe 100,000 ten dollar donations are far better than 200 five thousand dollar donations.

For those of you who can only donate 25 or 50 dollars to Paul's campaign, I will compliment that with a larger donation. I'm only at a thousand so far so I get to make a big impact on Nov. 30th and Dec. 16th. What is more important, and I'm sure everyone agrees, is that each of us bring another two people on board.