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The People

were represented by the various elected delegations sent forth from each state. The states gave birth to the nation by creating and ultimately passing the constitution along with the first ten ammendments. Many ammendments were proposed by the various delegations but ultimately it took ten to get the constitution ratified.

Since the nation was born of the various states it should be obvious that each member state was superior to the federal government in matters within its jurisdiction. In no way would states give up their soverienty to create an overbearing government. The revolution had just been fought to prevent such a monster.

Our founders were very careful in what they were doing. That's not to say that there weren't others there that had desires for power over all the states, but in no way did the constitution provide for that.

The war of northern agression commonly referred to as the civil war was devised to conquer the southern secessionist states so that they could be reigned over by the federal government.

Please get a copy of "The South was Right". It is an excellent read and truly explains the souths position. If you went to public school you never heard this version of history. Even if you live in the south.

Charlie Daniels is right. The Souths gonna do it again!