Comment: Lies upon Lies!

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Lies upon Lies!

Only in government can a budget be defined for a specific purpose and then be completely reallocated.

I am beside myself with this nonsense.

I can think of a hundred ways to complain about it, a hundred different directions to point a finger. But it does no good. We need a plan.

Someone's comment was that it's time to "storm the gates" and that the time for arrests is long past. I happen to feel that the time to storm the gates has also passed, or at least, the primer to actually take collective action has eased. The stimulus has been reduced; we need a new primer.

It will have to be induced.

Truth be told, much is being done. There are still groups like End the Fed and RTR taking action. The momentum, the inertia, of the R3voLution is still rolling forward, but it seems that the beating people are taking from the economic crisis is crushing their spirit or making them feel impotent.

And many look to Obama to save us all. The trouble with sleepy Americans is that they STILL want someone else to do the dirty work for them. They've forgotten what personal responsibility is. Obama will set up a new government program to save us. That's the answer. Oh please!

Americans are in a coma, and the readers of Daily Paul and all of Ron Paul's supporters, among many others, are among the few who have been stirred from their slumber. But now that we're awake, what can we do?

Storming the gates of government won't work unless the whole country does it. Changing the minds of Americans (i.e., waking them up) seems impossible: they are hypnotized.

It seems that only when pushed to the absolute brink are people discontented enough to actually stir from their slumber. People fight only when they have nothing left to lose.

The trouble is, those people who have a wayward spirit are easily crushed in despair. Once awake, once revived, "life support" must kick in quickly until the person can again think on their own.

Common ground, a life line, can be established with the sleeping masses the MOMENT they express their discontent. In their frustration, they have expressed dissatisfaction with the "system." This is your moment to connect!

In order for more people to wake and scream, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not taking it anymore!" ... and then actually do something useful with that energy ... their minds must be seeded with hope and their hearts ignited with a passion for justice. If this does not happen, there will not be enough of us to win.

And it doesn't have to be the gates of government that we storm... It can be virtually ANY institution in our society, because nearly all of them has failed us. Is your neighbor dissatisfied with the local school district? Are they unhappy with bad news coverage? Upset at government? Angry about corporate greed?

As soon as discontentment is voiced, you have an opportunity to engage their mind, and plant the seed. People don't even know how to stand up and fight a parking ticket anymore. They think, "You can't find City Hall." Like hell you can't! You may not win, not every time, but if your battles are chosen carefully, and if enough people are voicing their grievances, Americans will become reacquainted with the American spirit.

The will to fight for freedom and justice is the most invigorating and satisfying sensation I have ever known. And backing down from that fight puts a nauseous feeling in my gut... it just feels wrong.

Help everyone you know find the will to Stand Up by giving them the tools they need to begin thinking like an American -- a real American, not this hypnotized shell of an American they've become. When they express discontent, take their hand and put the tools of freedom in it!

The mind will seek a nail to drive the moment the hammer is in hand!