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No, not necessarily:

Machine readable text (or ANYTHING electronic and thensome), even misspelled, mixed up, and/or coded text, is not a "trick" for machines. The trick for the programers has been getting machines to better comprehend an interpretation of/within context. Context is still largely inferable, even 'holographic' in terms of digitized memory retrieval. Yet, once a conversation is being had, particularly between two genuine individuals, and ever more so for people who know each other... much is/can be left unsaid while comprehension fills it in as if bellowed aloud.

Add to all the difficulties of getting a stupid machine to do large parts of thinking for you (with garbage in/garbage out problems never too far away), making cogent sense of it to garner "actionable intelligence".... makes for one hell of a comedy of errors.

Just look at the cost/value ratio of our current "Government".

With all that said... let's not however forget, that devastatingly diabolical greed and megalomaniacal egos toward domination... have learned that their craft is quite well camouflaged within a field of "idiots".

Here's a cool secret: Smarten the idiots, and dumb[found] the diabolical. Stupidity, which can also be taught and thus un-learned... has no bearing on the size of one's heart... yet diabolical is a deficit of heart to start. Polarizing this field of camouflaged view, makes the real irrecoverable assholes stand out like sore thumbs.