Comment: I wonder how many times

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I wonder how many times

I wonder how many times these programs will have to fail and need to be ‘refocused’, before some of these guys starts to at least ponder if perhaps the extreme simplicity and predictability of a sound money system, is not worth giving up whatever advantages it is they perceive the current system provides?

I mean, many of the people involved in this twisting, turning and repeatedly failing, are some of the most prominent economists on earth. They are trained (well at that) to seek empirical validation for their models, not just close their eyes and blindly follow ideology. So, even if asking them to wholesale switch to an Austrian mode of thinking is a bit much, You’d think there would at least be _some_ official debate on the matter, considering how obviously flawed their current models have turned out to be.


And, like JoeD below, I feel we should take every opportunity to exploit people’s disgust with these programs and try to drag them over to our side. The more information becomes available on these bailouts, the more ammunition we have. In that sense, the more of the money ends up as executive compensation, the better. Also, in the same vein, let’s hope Bush leaves some bailouts undone, so that they can taint Obama as well.