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The two party duopoly is obvious. All it takes is some research of the voting records of the members of the Democratic and Republican parties. The Republicrats and Demopublicans are both sides of the same corrupt coin. The Constitution never accounted for political parties. Constitution first political parties last. Nothing will ever change until the kool aid drinkers from both parties wake up from the Demopublican induced coma. When people finally get rehab from the addiction to Republicrat juice then perhaps the country will steer toward the right direction. Presidential candidates John Mccain's and Barack Obama's voting records on the major issues are almost identical. If you throw in Joe Biden, after some simple research you see the three headed monster rear its ugly head out of the shadows. It is amazing to me that the American people still fall for the two party swindle. The three afore mentioned Senators have nearly identical voting records in the Senate when it comes to comparing major issues. On the same token there is hope. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are the exception to the rule. Altho, Dennis Kucinich is more of a disappoint with his support of gun control and his surprise speech at the Democratic Convention in support of the flip flopper er I mean "messiah" Barack (maybe I will "change" my mind and actually follow the Constitution for once) Obama.

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