Comment: Cheney and 9/11

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Cheney and 9/11

QUOTE from website above.

"On 9/11 Cheney was running the largest war-games exercises ever in the U.S:
1. Northern Vigilance – mock cold war hijack
2. Vigilant Guardian – insertion of false radar blips on radar screens.
3. Vigilant Warrior – live fly hijack drill

The FAA had more than twenty 'hijacked aircraft" blips on their radar on 9/11.
The diversion exercises Cheney ran on 9/11 ensured confusion when the missiles hit the WTC & Pentagon. It is also reported that Cheney ordered as many possible scramble fighter jets as he could to partake in exercises in Alaska so as to ensure the missiles were not shot down."

So much corruption has been overlooked, allowed to go on, and continues to go on. What next, since we all feel something is coming, and it will be more of the same.