Comment: I call bullshit

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I call bullshit

People have been screaming this for years. This didn't "just" get leaked. There are too many theist to allow this to happen. Every whack job preacher will be screaming foul. I think this is a distraction. I think my social security number is the mark of the beast. I know many don't agree with me on this. However, I stand behind my conclusion. Oh, and I did not mean that every preacher is a wacko. I just think the mark would have to be subtle and not so out in the open screaming: "AHH LOOK AT ME. I got this nifty chip in my hand so now I don't have to carry a wallet. All I have to carry now is my smokes. Don't even have to carry keys anymore cause, I got my house and my car wired into the main frame. I walk right up to the door and voila the shit opens for me. Ain't that cool? And I can keep track of how many credits I got by checking the scanners inside the store, or when I get home and boot up my entertainment system. Yeah it's that new integrated entertainment system, computer and TV all in one. I can surf the web, check my email, pay all my bills. and watch brain drain all from my Lazy Boy. Ahhh..That's what I call living. Everything is so easy a caveman could do it." Bullshit. Not happening. I'll start making EMP's if that happens. Then again, my tin foil hat may be too tight.