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The first four statements is one of many reasons why I became a Republican over 12 years ago. The last three I learn by studying Ron Paul and what I have learn what the Founder Fathers had taught. That is continuing process.

• Limited government power
• A balanced budget
• Personal liberty
• Strict adherence to the Constitution
• Sound money
• A strong defense while avoiding all undeclared wars
• No nation-building and no policing the world

Our country is to be for the people and a government by the people. Now the Republican leadership are now reeling from their election losses, they are looking to rebuild or redefine the party. I think they lost their credibility that it going be very hard for them to recover. I wouldn't doubt that many members of Republican Party are feeling bit lost and looking for direction. The answers are pretty much what Ron Paul has been speaking of late. We can begin to educate those members to return to our core principles of the party. If GOP wants to have credibility, then they need to put Ron Paul in a visible leadership position like being House Minority Leader or Whip.