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All you "church" people should pass this out at your place of worship. Me...I don't do church. There is no salvation for me inside a church. If that is your thing, I'm not knocking you. This really would be a good thing to give to those people. I've had people along the way gave me different things that really made me think. That's the way to win people. You have to be fishers of men. Make no mistake, the idea of individual freedom or liberty, is the true gospel of our age. "And the truth shall set you free." The day will come when we throw the shakles off. We will shape the world in way that is desirous to all people and not a select few. But we all have a responsability. Each of us must become fishers of men's minds. It is best to talk to people that are somewhat like minded to youself. Hence, the saying: "when in Rome." Paul said something to that effect. I'm too lazy to look that up. Spouting off poetry does not prove your convictions. I understand the principal. Unlike many of you I have actually knocked on doors and tried to convert people.(ex-JW) Sorry bub, that shit don't work. If you want to convert people you have to know them on a personal level; people that you work with, people you go to school with, or people you go to church with. Don't worry about the seed that falls in the rocky soil. Some of what you plant will grow.