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Comment: Thanks I sent him a message

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Thanks I sent him a message


From one Republican to a RINO- Maverick, quit the Republican party and join the Democrats, you'll feel like a winner there I'm sure.

After all, you campaigned on their agenda!

You should never have showed a condescending attitude toward Ron Paul during the debates! Because of you I had to vote third party.

By the way, you should at least know, that I was one of the original architects in engineering the takeover of the party. I/we are not done yet!

Moving on, you can at least keep one campaign promise, first quit your Senate seat.

If not I will help engineer an Arizona recall petition.

So quit, then you can use your extreme wealth to chase Osama Bin Laden to the gates of hell, it shouldn't be hard as he needs to be hooked up to a kidney dialysis machine.

Oh and thank you so much for ignoring and violating the constitution, a lot of good your oath is! Getting Bin Laden is the only way you can ever redeem yourself! your choice, or was that just maverick campaign talk?

If your really interested in turning the economy around John; apologize to Ron Paul in a very big public way. Then seek and promote his council!

or you can contact me directly!

Right about now Benedict Arnold has a higher ranking than you!

Again, your choice