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75 meter and 80 meter

75 meter and 80 meter Amateur Radio travels from 0 to 900 miles plus, CB goes 0 to 10 miles then skips to 1500 miles or more. It is also unknown where the skip will be. And the patriots already have a frequency set up, I believe its 3.860 MHz. Please, someone correct me if that is the wrong frequency!

You're all bankrupt corporate trusts under the S.S.N. and because the bankrupt government created corporations they, the banksters(receivers) have the RIGHT to control you. Go back to your private Christian names or natural names, if you will, and live in the REPUBLIC.


Live Free or Die, because if you're not FREE you're dead already!


Resistance is not futile, what's futile is non-resistance.

Live Free or Die! Because if you are not free you’re dead already!