Comment: Who do we blame.

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Who do we blame.

Should we blame the banks or should we blame the depositors?
Those who deposit money in a bank expect to receive interest for their money. The goal is to save money and live off the interest.
When the government borrows money, it pays interest to those who put their money in treasury bonds and expect to get interest.
Instead of spending the money and generating the economy, individuals and nations buy treasury bonds expecting interest. They live off the interest or roll it over into more treasury bonds. In this way they enslave businesses and people, perhaps unknowingly, but the fact remains.
Eventually the only way to generate the economy is for businesses to borrow money, and of course this cost is pasted on to consumers, who are encouraged to borrow money to keep the system going.
One solution is for people to stop using credit. This would lead companies to fail to repay their debt and go bankrupt and this would make investors lose the ability of earn interest from their money. In this way they would have no other choice but to spend the money that they have on deposit on goods and services, putting the money into the system via trade instead of usury.