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Read the disclaimer.

The information within The Rick A. Ross Institute archives has been collected to offer the public a resource concerning groups called "cults," controversial organizations and movements.

However, the mention and/or inclusion of a group or leader within this archive does not define that group as a "cult" and/or an individual mentioned as either destructive and/or harmful. Instead, such inclusion simply reflects that archived articles and/or research is available about a group or person that has generated some interest and/or controversy.

Here's the mans wiki bio.

I am sure if this man was alive during the original revolution he would be calling them cultists.

I'm not Religious in any sense of the word. Spiritual yes. Cultish.. hell no.

And I already know what you 9/11 shills are going to say about me being a 9/11 truth activists.. It's not cultish to seek truth, So don't even waste time.

Find out if you have a local militia -

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