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Where Do I start...

1) They are bloated over sized behemoths that has lived off the public (in many countries) allowing them to maintain dominance for years

2) They are asking for multiple years worth of sales in their bailouts between Canada and US governments

3) These sloth based unionist jobs need to be purged from our society - people do not deserve to be payed $40/hr to push a button

4) This intervention once again limits competition and future technological progression

5) Not taxing our Grand Children for a poorly run (formerly the world largest) multinational corporations

6) Not supporting companies that invented "planned obselesence" and then gets upset when people can't afford to buy a new vehicle every 4 years

7) Not support the military industrial complex

8) How many billions have been given in years past - will they ever stop asking?

8)These companies are not financial institutions (although some subsiduaries are) as is expressly written in the "bailout bill"

9) The people of the US can build a better company - with their own money and benefit from it as opposed to Government suggest that there might be a ROI

10) Nobody ever seems to get fired from these firm that get money. Shouldn't someone get fired for having lost so much money that they have to go begging to Government

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