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Great post will

We need more good men like you serving the people of our communities. I am starting to see that every time I meet a good man (no matter what thier feild) there is always a humbleness in the air. I believe there is a strong conection between the two. Since learning of Ron Paul a little over a year ago I have been much more aware of the power of humblelness. I am a very outspoken person myself so I am still trying to figure out how to balance the two. I think the secret is in the timeing which has alot to do with patience. I have been working hard on waiting till just the right moment to make "one" point when it is appropriate then stoping. I find that people turn off if you overwhelm them with every talking point at once. I also believe that every person also has a point to which patience has an end and one must speak out. I am learning in life moderation is something we have to work on its not something we are born with. I just want to tell you I have alot of respect for you and you are a very moderate voice that can set a good example for those around you. I am glad to hear that there are a growing number of concerned policemen out there. I truely believe that if we as citizens and public workers do not shack this climit of fear that these politicians are creating we are in big trouble.

I have never feared the police until after 2005 when they passed the Real ID act. This law will pit the commen man with Police mark my words. If they use the drivers license to enfoce this I will not be getting another drivers license and I will still drive to work. I will support my family at all cost. They will expect you to arrest me and will require you to forcably steal my biometrics from me in the future. You will be no different than all the people in the US who own businesses and are forced to take income tax out of a mans check before paying him. I owned a business for 5 years and I hated taking taxes out of my employees checks I felt like a thief ever friday. I did not recieve any compensation for being their tax collector and stealing from my neighbor but I sure got alot of guilt for doing it ever time I cut checks to them. I will fight giving up my biometrics when we go into that station even if it cost me my life. My worst fear is not dieing my worst fear is being knocked out and then while out having my biometrics stolen from me. Even if this happens I will never and I mean never carry my papers and everytime someone ask me for them I will not comply. I have never been arrested in my life and I have a spotless record. I have worked at the same job for 24 years. This is one law I will not obey no matter how they dress it up. They are now talking about attaching Real ID to the SS card If they do this I will stop using my SS number for any purpose. If I am personaly sanctioned (which sanctions are an act of war I might add) by this government and locked out of the work force and cannot provide for my family I will be forced to provide any way I can, not because I wish to, but because I must. It is my job! They will one day pit the common man against law enforcment mark my words and might I add if you don't play ball and do what they say you will join me in the saction section. This will be the true test of what our law enforcement are made of and if they even cared about the Constitution of the United States of America. To me this will be the shot heard around the world moment. If the Real ID act is enforced by law enforcment it will be the beginning of the end. I will have lost my right to life liberty and the persute of happiness and I will enforce my rights to self defence and self preservation. I will never make a government or a leader my God. That is final and it is non negotiable. Why do I say this because It would be nice to never have to face such an evil and it would be nice if both police and citizens fought this kind of legislation together. It is an international ID that is being pushed by global government. Law enforcement officers will be the ones who are forced to enforce this evil law. It is interesting how the government always finds them someone else to do there dirty work so the anger does not come back to them. Trust me if this law is enforced there will be a huge amount of blowback. I do not say these things out of fear or out of hate. I say them out of love. All I want to do is be able to provide for my family and be a productive person in my community and to be left alone as much as possible without being robbed and watched every second of the day. I am wondering at what point do the people of the United States of America get thier laws enforced (life, liberty, and the persute of happiness). I need to drive to my job to support my family. They are my life. They are my happiness. I must have liberty to provide for them. I would like to know your thoughts on the subject please.