Comment: What no one seems to be seeing here.

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What no one seems to be seeing here.

These bailouts have nothing to do with strengthening the dollar. Look at your recent history guys and you can see a pretty clear pattern here. To think that these guys are doing these bailouts and all this nonsense to strengthen the economy and help we the people somehow is absolutly rediculous. They keep coming up with these rediculous ideas to bring back the economy and then when they fail horribly as they obviously are going to do you see all these guys like benanke and paulson sitting there going. Oops! Well we just didnt know that this or that was going to happen. Now usually when I post in any political forum there is some statement of anger within those posts because of what Im talking about right here. But in this post I would really like for you guys to think about what Im saying and then do your research. These men are not making mistakes. These guys are some of the smartest guys on the planet despite thier obvious void of morality. They act like they are trying so hard to help the dollar and they just keep making mistakes. Oops! Sorry america. No. I dont think so. In 2005 bush signed the NAU documents. This is what they want because when you break down the 170 countries on this planet into 4 unions all of the sudden its a whole lot easier to rule the entire world from one seat because now your not trying to govern 170 seperate countries but 4. Now what is the fastest way to bring down a country? Bring down its money. These men are intentionally trying to destroy the currency in this country so that they can change the money here to either the Amero or god forbid put all the money on microchips that they can stick under your skin and that way if you oppose them in any way they just turn off your chip and your done. You cant buy food, medicine or pay your bills. When that happens then it really doesnt matter what you think. They have control over every single living person on this planet and if you control the people, you control the world.

I recently had a conversation with someone about gun control and this argument is the definition of my anger with people in this country right now. I was saying that perhaps it would be best to hide his guns so that when the time comes and they come knocking on your dooor, and make no mistake people, that time is coming, then you can simply say you sold your guns or whatever you need to say so that you still have a way to defend yourself. What he said to me really struck me as the general ignorance of people in this country today. He said " What do you think will happen if they come try to take everyones guns? The people will revolt and fight back!" My response was " Look around you. If people are going to rise up and fight back when the government tries to take away thier rights then why didnt they rise up and fight back when they took away your privacy? Why dont they rise up and fight back when they try to openly destroy your currency or when they decided that 50% of your income was a reasonable tax?" No I dont think they will fight back at all. And by they time anyone acctually does decide to stand up and kick these bastards out of office our money will be gone, our guns will be gone and our freedom will be gone and that means America will be gone. So what are we going to do then? Rise up and be martyrs? No thank you. Not for me.

My point here is that to think these men are making mistakes is nieve. They are doing eveything they are doing for a specific agenda and they will not stop until you stop them or they enslave you. No one is going to ride in on a white horse and save us. If your looking towards Dr. Paul or anyone else to come be the hero and fight for you then your looking in the wrong direction. YOU are the hero. It is YOUR duty to do something about all this. Because if you dont do it. No one will. Now I see people all over the country trying to fight back through peacefull assembly. Groups like C.H.A.N.G.E. and such are waving signs all over the place. But now they are even taking away your right to assemble. Look at Adam Kokesh. This man was in Iraq and came back and told the truth of what he saw there and now he is going through court date after court date having to defend himself for telling the truth. How far will we let them go? Are we going to wait until they start dropping bombs on us before we do something? As I said months ago. The peacefull assembly isnt working. They simply arrest you. So my question is when? how much is enough? How far will we let them go before we acctually DO something about this. Im waiting for you America. I have been for some time. I pray god you are still there.