Comment: I'm here! And willing to do whatever it takes!

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I'm here! And willing to do whatever it takes!

There is a big push for the rally and marches to "end the fed". I, like you, have come to the conclusion that these marches, protests and "letters to congress" are empty motions. We have lost these rights to protest a long time ago. Even our "right" to vote has been stolen and is now a big televised circus. We already know guns are being confiscated under as many peaceful excuses as can be used (just look at all the natural disasters where FEMA came in to help -themselves to all the weapons). The total all out assault on our education, or lack there of I should say, has produced a nation of people in total ignorance. The propagandizing on television and radio of "going to the expert" for advice has left this great nation's citizens helpless children. Americans DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! They do not know they need to join together (no matter the race, religion, or political leaning) and take ACTION that effects change, grass roots action in every school, church and meeting hall. Start with one cause, the root of all evil, the central bankers and decide all together-end the fed. Refuse to use the phony baloney federal reserve notes. Oh how can I pay my bills, oh how can I buy my food, oh how can I get to work? What do you think will happen if every American everywhere refuses the fiat money? What is going to happen if you continue to participate in a fiat government? What is happening as you continue to support this fiat economy? Are you worried about the loss of your home, what of all the Americans already out on the street? Are you worried about going to work, what about all the Americans already struggling to live NOW? Are you worried about breaking the law, laws that are already abused and ignored by those in power? Rise up NOW Americans and WORK together from the ground up. Quit supporting the corporations, governments and bankers that care not for you or me! Quit chasing the pre-programed American "dream" that is turning into America's worst nightmare!!!!
At one time in America, we knew how to help each other - anyone remember the term "barn-raising"? There will be many who need help during a revolt such as this, but many more will be worse off in the future including YOU or your children! Go local, form groups locally, quit broadcasting to the whole world what you WANT to do, just do-it. This is one American who is so tired of hearing "but what can you do?" Pull your kids out of the government propaganda machines, turn off your "tell-lie-visions", and re-educate yourselves together. Take back control of yourself, your children AND your lives else you and everyone else will either live in slavery or die trying to gain your freedoms again.

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