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Creeps like this are the reason why I remain an independent and will never be a Republican or Democrat. His ignorance of what a caucus system is, is simply astounding. The whole reason for the caucus system is to promote different views and participation. Those that participate the most in a caucus are the ones that dictate the party agenda and become delegates. In my opinion this knuckle head came out of retirement because he received a call from somebody higher up on the corrupt food chain of the Republican party. The same kind of crap was instigated at the Colorado state GOP convention. To throw out any properly elected delegates regardless if they are Ron Paul supporters or not is pathetic. I have read the national Republican rules. Rule 40 I believe states that in order to be nominated for president as a Republican you must obtain the majority delegates in 5 states. I believe this is why Ron Paul delegates were being thrown out nation wide. If Ron Paul had received majority delegates in 5 states then he could have been nominated and might even won the GOP nomination in a Lincoln type coup. I believe the top brass at the national GOP made a concerted effort to call upon its brain washed neocon followers to make sure Ron Paul did not in ANY WAY obtain the GOP nomination.

Constitution first. Political parties last.

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