Comment: Downsize DC sent out a good reason Monday

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Downsize DC sent out a good reason Monday

According to 's Downsizer Dispatch, the UAW has them locked into paying workers not to work. Apparently, they are obligated to continue paying people even when the economic situation says they need to cut back.

I think, if they went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the court could get them out of such contracts and they could afford to restructure and resume business. (Big government begets big business begets big labor and big special interest lobbies. They're all about to topple and the smaller, quicker folks better be ready to move.)

If they don't restructure and get competitive, they'll go under and all our cars will be imports or made by foreign car-makers in South Carolina or elsewhere.

US automakers are like brick houses on an earthquake fault. Congress can try to step in and make the walls thicker, but it won't help prevent the Big One.

They need to slim down and become more flexible in order to move with the market.

If I have to pay them bailout money, I want them to put a brand new car in my driveway, not sit there waiting for the market to stop moving!

Voting for the Lesser Evil?

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