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C4L logo branding


Not a problem. The text in the logo itself will be easily readable at a stop light by at least 1 vehicle, and when being tailgated ;).

The goal isn't just to get something that's readable since if somebody reads "Campaign For Liberty" probably 90% will just forget about it or not think twice about it.

If we're going to brand the C4L, the logo will be recognizable just by the general image of it. If you replaced the words "Coca Cola" or "GE" and used that general design the first thing one would think of is still Coca Cola or GE because of the branding of the logos.

The background is also the Constitution and the flag, which is blended together to give something that the typical nationalist public can appeal to (the flag) while still not diluting the message which is about the Constitution.

Also the message is all encompassing and the most recognizable part of the Constitution being WE THE PEOPLE. That's something that'll hit home at this point in time as opposed to an alienating message like "FREEDOM IS POPULAR" or "ABOLISH GOVERNMENT".

Of course lastly the URL is located on the bottom too so if htey can't read "Campaign for Liberty" (a lot of people didn't want Ron Paul's name on the sticker but the compromise was made to make it on there the same way it is on the official C4L logo when it's present so that it's not the dominant text) on the logo they'll read it on the URL.

If you guys want some please follow the instructiosn in the update in the first post on chipping in!