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I like Belize a lot

That was my first pick. If you could plan a trip to avoid or limit exposeure to Mexican federales, you could drive there too.
You have to have a ton of money to move to New Zealand, not just moving costs--they charge a lot to immigrate.
Costa Rica seems nice--I hear great things.
Brazil banned Pantera music outright in the 90's, I've never considered that a really free place--but only for that one reason, you may know more than I.
Mongolia just sounds like a hassle from start to finish and you have the sore thumb issue if you're a 6 foot tall American white guy like me.
Patagonia is interesting. Desolate, end of the earth kind of place. Although, every military in the world goes there to hop to antarctica and could see a strategic advantage to controlling that region.

I'm starting with deep country in the US. I'll bring a good compass and map to Belize just in case I need it.