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Comment: I don't think moving "far away" is the answer...

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I don't think moving "far away" is the answer...

If we do this we only invite them to take over. Then it will eventually get you or your children.

Now is the time to change this...or never. You can not fight this enemy conventionally (at least, not yet). We have to be much wiser. They have mostly succeeded by us being tricked into asking them to give us what "they want". They have been at least 6 or 7 moves ahead of us, manly because we didn't know who they are or how they operate. Now we do!

First - know every thing you can about them and get others to unplug. Once your friends see just a few of your favorite 911 videos, they are willing to wake up. Then they will be willing to awake up even further.

Watch the Ring of Power on Better watch it with a friend because this is really really big.

Second - identify the enemy

Third - Expose them. Drag them out into the light and expose them! Talk about them all the time until it becomes basic knowledge by all. They have only been successful because we didn't know who they are, NOW WE DO!

Fourth - after we all know who is the enemy and have exposed them, exploit their weaknesses. They succeed by being profitable. Make them unprofitable.

This will be difficult because they have already stacked the deck so that if you say what is, you will be called antisemitic. We must have planned this response well in advance.

Fifth, make them unwelcome. This is the first time you can use force. You must never use force until we have such a majority that we make them fear us. Then and only then can you use force otherwise they will will.

Lastly - Create it where they can never come back. We need safegards to never let them back in.

We hold the key. The US is there military machine and they must have us to succeed. If we succeed, their plan of global domination will fail. If we fail they will rule the planet and we will all be their slaves!