Comment: I hear you and agree ...

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I hear you and agree ...

I've been doing my best to get them exposed - exposing the NWO - exposing everybody around me to the the reality of what is really going on. It's tough, but I'm determined! The sheeple are so committed to their disease and their "punchbowl". It's unbelievable! However, like you say. we have to keep dragging them into the light. As I continue to keep an eye out on the senators and congress persons who voted for the bailout, I get the impression that they know they are being exposed and are pretty nervous about it! I get a lot of hope from that because I believe that if we weren't a threat to them we'd all be in FEMA camps w/out any hope! Yeah, we're a scary bunch, too and they know it!! I do believe that we are more powerful than we know, and we're getting more powerful and scarier to them by the day!

AS I keep telling people who think its a lost cause, "It ain't over 'till the 'Fat' lady sings!'" and she's not singing, yet!

Saw the "Ring of Power" and have been sharing it w/others. It's good. Let's you know what's driving them. It let's us have the great opportunity of "profiling" them like the FBI profiles serial killers!
Thanks for the tips on how and what to focus on! We really need that!!

Every little foot we get into a door or up their A$$ the better! Its a slow process, but it will always be worth the effort. Our lives depend on it!!

I'm in it to win it!!