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I have thought long and hard

I have thought long and hard about this and researched it myself and this is what i believe : pros to be as follows : save jobs down the ladder as well as at the top , maybe something good could come out of it with the government at the front door. here are the cons in my eyes : yes it would save a few jobs but many will be laid off anyways if you refer to when chrysler was bailed out before , also why do for some co. and not all , why should the government step in and save these ceo who screwed up but nothing is saving the little guy small business owners , i think that when joe blow screws up joe blow has to fix it but if you are a big co that screws up its ok you'll be saved. thats wrong the government doesn't help me when i screw up. these workers are paid great wages more than i ever see , co. paid health care which i don't have , it cost them 0.00 . let them file bankruptcy like other people , fire the idiots who screwed up and let the workers come and have to live like normal people that pay for our insurance , get fired if we screw up , etc. then they will be thanking god as i do for the good things in our lives. government doesn't belong in this fight . the old people who don ' t have meds or food that worked hard all there life,served there country , and now are old and not able to make ends meet so they get stuck in abusive nursing homes and discarded like a dirty rag thats what government should be involved in.
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