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Oh yes...

That's two good articles: WSJ and the AP.

This bullet list is the result of people who have completely forgotten the constitution and assume the government even has a right in the first place to make such a law about 'gay' marriage. I was recently accused of being anti-gay, because I did not favor a NH state law to allow gays to have civil unions, because it did not include any other family connections and was only written to give gays 'special rights'. In reality, I am not opposed to gays making their own contracts with each other when they co-habitate or any other thing they want to do at all! So I am hardly anti-gay. But you are right -- it's all in the simplistic way this was presented that is misleading because it is based on a fully wrong premise.

The reason the article from KRNV-TV—Reno, NV was removed because the schedule changed and Ron was no longer going to be appearing at that event.

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