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Comment: A RECOMMENDATION 2 All of You

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This is best book and read on the subject:

Gold and silver's paper prices are being shorted by the the gigantic banks, those orchestrating this whole mess. You'll find 'em owning the majority of the short positions on the futures markets, in London and at the COMEX.

As well, ETF's are a lie. They exist to syphon demand for real gold or silver and they keep people's capital in the hands of the financial institutions who don't deserve any of our trust!!! These ETF's are only exposure to the paper price manipulated on wordwide futures exchanges. You think your little stock share is redemable for real money?!?! Try reading the SEC disclosure documents of the ETFs, there you will see smoke and mirrors, implications but not real ownership of silver or gold, ambiguous language, bottom line - lies.

Don't buy anything but physical gold, store it in your house or in a 3rd party segregated vault outside the banking system, like Brink's.

Read the book linked above... buy precious metals now or you'll be wishing you did. Paying $900 for gold or $14 for silver in their physical form... that's gonna be laughable soon! Laughable!!!

The author of the book is seen here with the good Doctor:

"Freedom on this Earth can only be found within oneself. All the power you'll need is inside - embedded within you."