Comment: TTC/NAFTA Superhighway opponent here....

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TTC/NAFTA Superhighway opponent here....

Here are some of the most basic problems with this so-called "pubic-private" partnership surrounding the TTC in Texas.

--The private sector doesn't buy the land at fair market value (FMV is generally defined as the price a WILLING seller will accept from WILLING buyer)...The state takes it throught the brute force of eminent domain. There's even a "quick-take" provision whereby you can be evicted from your home before the appeals process is even complete.

--The taxpayers pay for all of the acquisition, litigation, etc. The state then owns the underlying property (including mineral rights, water rights, etc). This takes even more natural resources out of the hands of the private sector. The private partner then "leases" the roadway back from the state. It's a HUGE scam designed to part taxpayers and their money.

--These roads will run thru rural areas currently served by volunteer or minimally-staffed emergency services & hospitals. One major pile-up on this corridor and many of our local entities would be absolutely bankrupt....How many foriegn nationals will be in our hospitals because FedGov will not let us turn them away?.....Who's going to pay for all that care in these poor & rural areas? What fire dept/rescue crew will be equipped to handle these HazMat spills?....Not our little Volunteer VFD.

--The local counties, schools, hospital districts, etc lose a big chunk of tax revenue when the state takes these swaths of land from these areas.....Even though the private partner will make billions, there are no property taxes paid to the local gov't because it's technically state-owned property and therefore exempt from local property taxes. That means that in those affected counties the remaining property owners that don't lose their property get to pay even higher property taxes to make up for the land taken off the tax rolls by the state.

As for who builds our roads here.....Private companies bid for those projects. I don't believe that state employees actually build the roads, but I do think they maintain them.

As for the Texans affected, we are all very well aware that these roads are being pushed by the globalists. They want EZ access from the deep-water Mexican ports through Texas and into the heart of the USA & Canada.....Major corporations love this thing because of ease with which they can import all the third-world-made products into this continent. (In fact, during one very disturbing TxDOT "town hall" meeting earlier this year, one of the TxDOT big-shots even explained how terrible it was that the port/dock workers had gone on strike previously & interrupted the incoming goods shipments...Went on to say how great it would be to end-run all those (American) workers by routing the shipments thru to the Mexican ports where their workers don't strike).

They want to pave over our farms, ranches, schools, cemeteries, homes, churches, timberlands, etc so that someone else can make billions. It's not being built for Texans, and that's part of why this half-million acre land grab is such a sore subject for so many of us.

See why so many here are opposed to this thing?