Comment: "Pauliticians" Record Misleading

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"Pauliticians" Record Misleading

I find this ad to be very misleading. On the topic of gay marriage, I personally oppose it. It is a slap in the face to God. It redefines marriage. A husband and a wife is what we call people when they are married. Husband refers to man, wife refers to woman. What is so hard about that? I do believe it should be left up to the states which Ron Paul advocates because there is nothing in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that says anything about marriage. Many states already have laws on the books stating such things. The exact same thing can be said for drugs. To say he favors such things is very misleading. He is just following his oath to uphold the Constitution, if it is not in the Constitution he and other members of Congress have no authority to pass laws that are not enumerated in the Constitution. If someone were to see this ad, I think it would turn many people off. Instead it should read:

Supports states rights:

Supports states to make their own decisions when it come to matters like marriage, drugs, and abortion. I think you would get a much more positive response.