Comment: Just how did our founding Fathers design the Constitution?

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Just how did our founding Fathers design the Constitution?

If what I have been reading is correct, we were never privy to the Constitution. Shocking huh. It's nice to know you have spent years of your life for something that does not apply to you and probably never will. From what I have read, unless you were an original signee or one of the 50 states, the constitution does not apply to you. It doesn't even apply to us in the court systems in this country. The courts operate under UCC ( Uniform Commercial Code ) which is the law of commerce, which is derived from admiralty law. Thus, the yellow trimmed flags in the courts. You are not in a common law court you are in a UCC court. In order to levy fines and fees and taxations on you, they make you a strawman from birth. Which means they give you a birth certificate with your name in all capital letters. which signifies a corporation. They do this on all legal documents and bankster documents, ss card, drivers license, they even teach you to sign both your first and last name in caps, which means the same thing as ALL CAPS! We are slaves ALL OF US. The devil is in the details. Why else do they capitalize UNITED STATES on everything. I am starting to realize what the bar association is for now. Now, I understand anarchy.