Comment: I love walter williams

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I love walter williams

but quite frankly, I think he's too old to run for president in '12. As with Ron Paul.

Sadly, I don't see John Stossel being the Republican nominee in '12. the leadership will still be in power, and it will take something phenomenal (on the order of Obama) to upset it. The people who hold the power are going to anoint Jindal.

Problem with Stossel is that many of his 20/20 pieces are a bit too slanted, i.e. they aren't honest about the evidence presented against them. I understand that he does this because the mainline approach does the exact same thing, but it's a problem nonetheless. So Stossel comes across as an idealogue.

What we need is someone who is an idealogue at heart, willing to admit the possible failings in ideology, has the image of a compromiser, but who really only compromises by taking smaller step forwards (i.e. implementing gradual change towards the correct ideology, instead of trading tit-for-tat to get closer to - but in reality farther from - ideology).