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If you ask me...

Our best strategy is to shoot for 2016. Don't worry, it will be miserable but the US will hold up until then, and it won't be too late. Populating lower and medium levels of government is fine, but to win the presidency, we need a complete outsider to the political process to run. Because this person will not have a 'voting record', the person needs to come from an industry where accepting federal help is either extremely tempting or nearly necessary for survival, and will need to have survived by rejecting it. The job will have required leadership skills, but on a small scale, that way the person can say, "hey, I clearly am an effective leader because I struck out in this difficult environment and succeeded". The person can't have come from the military but must have close family or (even better) a spouse in the military.

If we can find such a person, I think the person should begin an early campaign in 2014, networking through C4L, getting up ground-level support and organizing carefully to make sure a nucleus of supporters is in place for the campaign. Except for managing finances (but not how to use them), the person absolutely should not hire professional campaigners, that was a big mistake of the RP (and to a bigger extent, McCain) campaign.

And the campaign, like Ron Paul's, should absolutely run on an 0% debt. This NEEDS to be a talking point during the debates. Leadership by example is critical.