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Comment: I predict struggle..optimisticly its like saving for a rainy day

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I predict struggle..optimisticly its like saving for a rainy day

It should have been done a long time ago but if we endure now and persevere, at some point, much better times will be waiting for us over the hill.

Of course I blame myself, and my generation, as well as the generations of Americans which came before me. We were charged with being the keepers of a republic, and yet we frivolously cast that away under the siren song which promised an easier, more democratic, lifestyle. Against all the adamant caution that our founders gave, those few prudent voices whom called out to us in long dark distance, we systematically stripped ourselves of the very thing which made us free. Sure, now we become unwary of government, but to what end will it be for us to once again throw off the shackles of oppression? Honestly, I hope and pray that I'm right when I say that I believe somewhere, somewhere deep inside, America still has that longing for freedom which once set her apart from all other nations. Despite the gradual socialistic diluting we have experienced in our life times.
I think each and every one of you here are an example of that, and it gives me hope for this new year.

Cheers! And may Liberty never loose its luster!