Comment: Another very important strategy.

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Another very important strategy.

Someone needs to make the argument that a debt-based, inflationary economy fundamentally biases against environmental protection, and discourages sustainable development. A transition to a savings-based, fixed money supply economy with a non-judgemental government allows individuals to contribute to the moral value of "good stewardship of the land" by protecting individual wealth at all levels of society and enabling charitable foundations to accrue wealth and support, while the natural market system (not government sponsored fake markets) will allow us to healthily balance the human footprint on the environment with human protecting interests.

the market for an increasingly diverse pool of individual contributions will also create a higher level of accountability for private ecology charities and foundations, to a level of accountability almost certainly impossible to achieve in the great juggernaut of government.

Inflation encourages short-term investments, which are often not sustainable solutions, and also promotes the acquisition of wealth amongst individuals who tend to be so used to the rat race that they don't think to work towards a better world outside of any means besides the government.

We need the greens on our side. Conservation is conservative!