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We Can Change This

M. Raborn We can change is all up to us. How much do we care? How much time will we give? Who will we boldly approach and tell about Ron Paul? We must take ownership. Ron cannot do this for us. That is little different from expecting the government to take care of us. I tire of seeing my name posting here and on other sites. We need hundreds of posts. We need to be responding all over the Internet. We have to make the "buzz" and this is from a computer novice, but I'm committed to do whatever I can. Come on folks, I believe in my heart you are out there. Just like lordmetroid said , "He (Ron) is the perfect Mr. Liberty which many want to vote for in this day and age....." but they don't know it yet. We've got a big job, but it is a job worth doing!

M. Raborn