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Comment: Michael, give us a

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Michael, give us a

Michael, give us a break?
"Good riddance to 2008, we'll remember you well. And a big, happy welcome to 2009!"

You are no better than most of the other posters on your site (no offence) but when will YOU 'wake up'? We got our collective asses kicked in 2008, we will agian in 2009, 2010, ect, ect. My word... your making good money or at least enough money to keep this site running. I'm not agianst making money, BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE to organize and activate the poor mindless souls at this site? Do we have a group to get petions signed? Do we have a ground movement to get any kind of 'truth' out?Is there any kind of function other than speak/talk for this site?
Damn, I'm an American,and I want to do something to help my country. Are you a leader or just a mouth piece for c4l (which has done nothing but talk and take money) or are you an actual 'LEADER"? We need 'open' voting, without that everything goes south. God gave you the 'gift' of this site, do something with it. PLEASE.