Comment: I couldn't resist responding....NICE POST!!

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I couldn't resist responding....NICE POST!!

This subject has been #1 in my mind a lot....partly because of my work (sorting committed people from uncommitted) and partly because of all the action on the poiltical scene this year.

People will keep you up all day and night with their "lingo" of sincerity and attempts to convince others that they really want the TRUTH.

The acid test is this:
True truthseekers make changes congruent with the new "light" they receive. They MAKE CHANGES...period. They seek facts, knowledge and "truth" so that they can make informed intelligent CHANGES...not so they can debate, make excuses, justify reasons or avoid change....but so they can change from what isn't working to what can, may or will work.
Discussion is to eliminate error for truth seekers......not just to open the door for more "options".