Comment: I'm going to harp on this a bit, sorry

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I'm going to harp on this a bit, sorry

hypnosis, hypnosis, hypnosis - People are talking to you, you are reaching them, you really make some great points, you fell all warm and fuzzy...
Two weeks later you run into them again, you ask how they liked AFTF, or whatever. They have not watched it. You are dumbfounded - they were so hooked, you just KNEW you had awakened them... what happened?

They were forced to chose to think in a new way, or to go turn on the TV. What do you REALLY think they did? There are still people you can awaken, but most people are literally wandering around reacting to post-hypnotic suggestions a LOT (especially about 9-11.) We cannot awaken a person from hypnosis with logic. I wish I had the "unhypnosis" technique to give you, I am trying to develop one. I am a person who took a free online course, realized much more than they tried to teach me because it coincided with my awakening. If some of the other good minds here would go take this course and help me develop an un-hypnotizing technique, we might pull off a little miracle. The course is free, it takes 14 hours of video watching - and read between the lines!
If nothing else, you get a certification as a hypnotist - might be a barterable skill. But seriously, I think there is a key here that I am just missing. More brains looking at this would be a good thing. Or any experienced hypnotists who actually studied this in depth - maybe they taught unhypnosis at another level, I don't know.
I do hope someone will take this challenge, the course is interesting, if a bit dry. The implications of what they tell you, knowing what YOU know, are chilling. I think Feb 17 they intend to unleash the hounds of hell on the airwaves... we shall see.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.