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Neil's got some interesting friends...

and 911 tune is kinda cool, too...check it out ...Something's Wrong

"F**k the Fed" Music Video Targets the Federal Reserve System and Strikes a Chord on YouTube

News about "the Fed" changing interest rates is common, and anticipated with fear or hope. But the Federal Reserve also controls the flow of money by issuing new funds, as in the recent bailout. Yet according to the Constitution, issuing money is one of the Powers of Congress. Congress -- not a group of privately owned banks.

Fox wrote this song because, like every one else, he's "fed" up with the economy and its doom-and-gloom forecast. But this is no dry commentary. It's a concise and hilarious dart-throwing statement that hits a bull's-eye. If you're a Ron Paul supporter, a fan of Aaron Russo's films, or just a disillusioned citizen, this one's for you.....