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Thanks Mike

This site is always a pleasure to visit. I am here every day. (and hope to still be after this post!) I do have some questions/ comments about the rules...First off, since when was spelling an issue? I mean to ban a person for poor grammar seems a little silly. Disrespectful behavior is one thing but not using spell check seems to be throwing the baby out with the bath water...if someone has a good idea, sharing it is it's spelled does not matter (at least not to me). Second, what are the rules regarding non-violent civil disobedience? While it's certainly illegal, it's also supported by Ron Paul. Will those wanting to discuss civil disobedience also be banned?

I think your asking for reasonable things, and most know that this site is a gift and a privilege, but for it to truly be in the spirit of Ron Paul...

It should (in my opinion) be the change we want in our world, such as tolerance for unpopular ideas. Let's not forget, Ron Paul's ideas are considered unpopular to the masses. How did we all feel when he was banned from places to talk? There is nothing more significant to workable ideas then debate. If folks want to come here and rant and rave about non-sense I think we should support that, and debate them. Again, I understand bouncing people who are flat out being disrespectful just for the fun of it, but I thought we were here to bring back freedom. Even the freedom to be a jerk. Claiming to want to restore individual liberty everywhere, while limiting it in places you control seems a little like the neo-con foreign/domestic policy approach.

No one here wants to loose this site, and I for one do not want you to get into any trouble, but by saying "if you do this I will ban you" automatically censors individual thought. Why not be the big tent and use our wisdom and love of liberty to combat stupidity, as opposed to the totalitarian approach?

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