Comment: Spelling Nazi Speaks

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Spelling Nazi Speaks

To my orthographically challenged comrades:
Peace -- and hear me out.

As our generous host has stated above, to the world at large we represent The Good Doctor. When I post poorly spelled or ambiguously phrased arguments I am delivering ammunition to our adversaries who can then point me out and say that my ignorance or sloppy thinking is typical of the "kook fringe" to which Dr Paul appeals.

Like it or not, we live in the real world and the real world is filled with real people who can often be really superficial and really dismissive. No matter how valuable the product is, if it's wrapped up in torn paper and stained ribbons it will frequently be rejected even before the contents are examined.

A campaign for the hearts and minds of our fellow Terrans is in many respects a sales campaign, and in sales, presentation matters! Misspelled words do not advance our cause, they detract from it.

I try to bear in mind the inside-out haiku (kuhai? kaihu?) that I composed years ago...

A writer who cannot spell
Inspires confidence,
Like a speaker saying, "Uuhhh."

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