Comment: targeting the quick minded to get quicker success

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targeting the quick minded to get quicker success

Because you have bought up Stategic Activism in the past, ralphwaldo, thought I should share the fact that the sheep may have to be bypassed at this late stage of the game, and we have to immediately start identifying and targeting those who think outside the box. I wrote this before, but it bears repeating one more time. Hear me out...

It was a great pleasure to have at least four of my friends... make their own point to tell me ... that they had watched Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic speech on CSPAN and were highly impressed!

That speech really was a winner...

Now, aside from that rare moment of clarity, I was talking with another supporter, asking him, why is it that the truth is so crystal clear to us, and others can't see it? I don't get it! He mentioned...have you ever heard of The Four Temperments?

Yes, I know there are variations to this theme, but it essentially states that different personality types are wired differently (my thought).

The largest group is the guardians...the status quo, traditional, trust security, etc.

The rationals only comprise 5-10% of the population, are problem solvers, value intelligence and are rigorously logical and fiercely independent in their thinking.

... You get the idea, we think different and wonder why everyone else can't ... but others are stuck and it takes a helluva lot to drag them from their comfortable mindset.

It all starts to make sense if you check it out...

The Four Temperaments:

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agree - great thread
On January 4th, 2009 LibertyVote says:

I have come to this conclusion also and have started targeting people by my assessment of their personality type. For example, there seems to be a large number of entrepreneurs in the RP movement - this would seem to be a good group to target.

Appreciate your post as it I'm sure reading "the Four Temperaments" will help me target people more effectively.