Comment: He's getting better

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He's getting better

If there's one thing i learned during this movement is that people are NO where nearly as deep into this stuff as most of the RPers. I find myself getting further with people simply repeating the most basic truths.

But, as soon as I say "The root cause is centralized economic planning. And in this country we know it as The Federal Reserve" people's eyes glaze over.

I can just see them thinking, "oh man, what the hell have i gotten myself into. Wonder who's dancing in 'Dancing with the Stars' tonight?"

Dr. Paul is a genius, no doubt, but listening to people's criticisms about him show that only a few are actually in opposition to his content. Most talk about his delivery. I hear people say things like, "he sounds like he's whining" or "i have no idea what he's talking about".

If you study the methods of political orators who seem to connect strongly with the masses it's clear they take a different approach to communicating their ideas. Most make a sweeping simple statement then use a vivid example. Lots of proverb-ish statements and what not.

Someone with zero knowledge in a subject can be persuaded to think your way if you say it correctly.

One of the things i love about Dr. Paul is how during a single conversation he'll only say something once... because.. well, it's been said. People (especially in today's America) are bovine in nature. Lots of dull eyes and slow brains need repetition of basic points (said in varying ways) until something in THEIR head clicks and asks... 'but if that's true, then what about...?'

That's when the spark of curiosity is lit and the rest is history.