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I sent that viewzone article to my Jewish friend, his reply is:

"Treg -- Considering that Jews in America make up less than 1% of the Population and dual citizen Israeli-Americans must make up less than .001% of the US Population (I am guessing), it does seem rather “odd” to me, and I am 100% Jewish born and raised! But this should also be no surprise, or outside of the norm. I read somewhere that prior to WWII, British had successfully fully infiltrated the levers of the American Federal Government with the clear aim and goal to get Americans to jump in on the side of the British. Just think how effective American Germans would have been if they were so inclined to get deep inside American Politics at the Federal level. Scary thought. But it scary that our American foreign policy has been or could be so easily corrupted. I know I am not popular among my American Jewish friends when I say this, and so I keep my lips tight, but I am 100% American first, and the existence or nonexistence of “mother Israel” is not a life or death thing for me as I know it is for them. For me, President Obama can give all Israeli’s Green Cards to the USA and end all financial aid to Israel. It would certainly be cheaper that way, no lives would be lost, and if that is the price of peace, so be it. All of God’s earth is holy to me and religious walls are just, well, walls. --B. Schiff

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