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I know

I can't force you to be open minded. Your hatred far out weighs your ability to think. How does hating a small group of people based on their religion have anything to do with a country based on freedom of religion? How does a conspiracy theory based on no proof and no legitimate source have anything to do with the truth. How does your defense of an Arab group of people, and hatred for their Jewish counter parts have anything to do with non interventionist policies prescribed by Dr Paul? When you side with the Palestinians you are taking sides. Non interventionists means no sides no involvement. It's so simple but it requires intelligence and an open mind. A heart clear of hatred and evil. My point has always been the same. This is not a legit article. it's antisemitic unsubstantiated hate speech. These people on the list above did nothing wrong but be Jewish. Sorry but according to freedom and liberty being separatists is not part of the position. Freedom and liberty for all, even Jews.